The fact that you've arrived here shows that you are an enthusiest that enjoys their love affair with the automobile and Motorsports in general. That is a good thing. And the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) is the absolute BEST way to enjoy that love affair.

First...a few facts:

 1. You DO NOT need the FASTEST, SPORTIEST, SWOOPIEST, SEXIEST auto on the face of the planet to join us in having motorsports fun. Some organizations look down their nose at less than ownership of a 1948 Slickerini or a 2010 Belchfire XXGT-12Vsi. Not us. You got a car? If it's safe come on and play. As a matter of fact we all would love to own a Slickerini or Belchfire but since we can't...we enjoy our car as if it was one. Don't misunderstand...we have pleanty of Slicks and Belches running with us too. And they have almost as much fun as you will. Everybody is welcome.

2. You do not need to be the second coming of Tazio Neuvolari, Jim Clark, Barney Oldfield, Phil Hill, or Ayrton Senna to party in our events. We welcome members of ALL skill levels to participate and we enjoy watching them get better and better through 'On Job Experience'. There is an old adage in racing and motorsports in general - "Nothing Beats Seat Time". The more you do it...the better you get at it. Here is where you get to "Do It".

3. Your name does not need to appear on the 'Fortune 500' to be able to afford to come out an play with us. The SCCA is a dynamic cross section of folks that all share the same love of motorsports as you do. But we are a great place to network as well.

Keeping those three facts in mind let's look at 'What Can I Do With My Car?'


The front door to the SCCA is the division called AUTOCROSS or SOLO II. You've all seen Solo events...usually in a large parking lot with nearly 200 orange traffic cones that appear to be randomly scattered all over the place. But in fact they are not random at all, but placed very precisely to provide a challenge to the drivers that must negotiate the course one at a time (hence the name SOLO) in the shortest amount of time.The real challenge? Not hitting ANY of those cones!

 It's not wheel to wheel...but you are racing the next driver every bit as hard as possible and yourself as well. There are close to 30 different nationally specified catagories or CLASSES that are eligible to compete in Solo competition and I guarantee that YOUR car will fit into at least one of them! You don't need a fancy driver's suit, gloves, and driving shoes. You WILL need a helmet but there are usually loners available at the location.

And don't worry that you will be the slowest kid in class because we will group you with other folks of simular experience levels so everyone is close. AND the entry fee is VERY reasonable. Usually well under a dinner for four at your favorite fast food resturant. So by every indication...SOLO II (AUTOCROSS) is the place to start your journey with SCCA.

Click on the link to see a little what SOLO II is about:   SOLO II MUSIC VIDEO   Then click on this link to go to the region SOLO section where there is contact info for the Chiefs of SOLO and information on where and when our SOLO events take place: NYR-SCCA SOLO INFO   [REMEMBER: Always click the back arrow to return to this page!!]


If you are up for a different kind of challenge with your car...consider RallyCross. If you've seen rally cars dashing through the dirt, mud, gravel, and snow and thought "I'd LOVE to try THAT"...well you can get a really good taste of tha with events called RallyCross. These are events usually held in wide open fields made up of loose surfaces of dirt, mud, gravel...start to sound familure?

The difference is that you run over a predescribed course marked with our old friend, Mr. Orange Cone. It's one at a time, against the clock and it's the most fun you can have in your car in the dirt. The preperation levels are minimal to maximum and the results are every bit as satisfying. Click on the link to go to the region's RALLYCROSS page for dates and locations.



The SCCA is primarily a RACING club...started by racers for racers that has grown and expanded to embrace all sorts of automobile motorsports. But racing is it's primary function. It is the top rung of the ladder of participatory activities. To go racing in SCCA is a very organized, and safety mandated process.

There are rules, and rule books, specifications and class structures, licensing and school requirments, and at every step along the way to you becoming a safe, proficent, and fast racer...we are there to guide you. In class choice (there are 28 different classes), in car preperation, in choice of the proper safety gear, in event selection, and schooling.

In the answer to the question of 'What Can I Do With My Car?' Road Racing is the ultimate choice and the most demanding.

Click on the link to go to the REGIONAL RACING and NATIONAL RACING pages for more info.

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