Solo Supplemental Rules

New York Region Sports Car Club of America

Event Schedule:

Registration open 8:00 am - 8:30 am

Tech open 8:30 am - 9:30 am
Mandatory novice driver meetings at the start line 8:45, 9:10 SHARP!
Course walk closed 9:30 am
Driver meeting 9:45 am
First car off 10:00 am

Entry fees for the 2012 season

  • $40.00 SCCA member (competitor must have membership card present.)
  • $40+ $15 weekend membership
  • $5 Discount for online preregistration & prepayment

Contact for event updates:

New York Region SCCA Discussion group. Open to all people interested in auto crossing in the NY region  at


Also follow us on Facebook at NYR SCCA Solo. 

Solo Program Chairman: Jonathan Cohen

Chief of Equipment:

Chief of Tech:

Chief of Course:

Chief of Registration:

Chief of Timing & Scoring:

Chief of Workers:

Chief of Novices:

Chief of Safety:

Chief of Grid:

Chief of Waiver:

Chief of Novices (Emeritus):  




1)    NYR-SCCA Solo Event Information

Location:    Nassau Coliseum Lot #8, Uniondale, NY


Online Registration:

In order to provide a quality/punctual event, we strongly encourage drivers
to register and pay online.  On-site registration will be closed promptly
at 8:30 AM, with no exceptions for late registration.  See "Fast Lane
Check-In" below for details about registering/paying online.

All entrants must present a valid state drivers license at registration. No exceptions! Drivers with Learners Permits will be accepted with completed SCCA Minor Waiver.

Seat belts and helmets are mandatory per the SCCA Solo Rulebook.
Loaner helmets are available to be shared in various sizes.

All cars must be muffled. A run with 93dB at 50’will be a warning. 95dB will be a need for corrective action. 97dB or greater for the 1st time will be a Corrective Action. A 2nd run with 97db or greater will be a DNF. A 3rd run of 97dB or greater will disqualify the competitor from the event


Passengers will not be permitted in any vehicle while it is on course, except instructors designated by the club.

Drivers under the age of 18 must present a notarized minor release/waiver
form signed by your parent(s)/guardian(s) at registration, or bring a parent
along to sign the paperwork at the site in front of the registrar.  E-mail
Jonathan Cohen ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 516.312.4494) to have the form
mailed out to you in advance of the event.

Any person at or near the event site will be required to sign the
insurance waiver and obtain a wristband, whether or not they are
competing, serving as crew, or watching the event and only staying
for a minute.  Anyone who refuses to sign the insurance waiver will
be asked to leave the site immediately.

Fast Lane Check-In:  Tired of standing in line?  So are we!  If you choose
              to register and pay for an event online, we will give you a
              $5.00 discount to show our appreciation.  As an added benefit,
              you get to report directly to Tech Inspection without having
              to stand on the registration line!  Requests for refunds
              will need to be made day of payment. An event payment credit will be given for unable to attend

              or no-show competitors valid thru the following season.

Car Numbers:   We will be running our events with unique car numbers at
              every event.  That means that there will only be one car #777.
              Whatever car number you were assigned at your first event of
              the season will be reserved for you all year, and changing car
              numbers or classes mid-season may cause loss of accumulated
              season points.

              Car numbers 0-299 are reserved for annual SCCA members.
              Novices must use car numbers 700-999.  Anyone who competed
              in enough events last year to qualify for season points
              is guaranteed their same car number for the current season,
              as long as they register for the first event of the year.


Novice Class:  We will be running a season-long novice class and championship
              series, sponsored by JnJ Associates. Scoring will be based on the current PAX/RTP index.

Pro Class:  NYR will be offering a voluntary Pro class, scored via the current PAX/RTP index.

Formula Junior: We currently do *not* offer a Formula Junior class, only
              because we do not have an adult volunteer to be the Youth
              Steward as required by the SCCA's rules.  If someone wants
              to step forward and serve as the Youth Steward, we will gladly
              start our Formula Junior program up again.

2012 Season Points:

    1) In order to create competition for season championships, we
       will NOT be awarding trophies for individual classes.  Instead,
       season points for 2012 will be tabulated via the PAX/RTP index
       between drivers in the following classing categories:

          Stock (S) - SS, AS, BS, CS, DS, ES, FS, GS, HS
          Road Tire Stock (R) - SS, AS, BS, CS, DS, ES, FS, GS, HS on tires satisfying Street Touring requirements

Street Touring (ST)- STC, STF, STS, STX, STU, STR
          Street Prepared (SP) – SSP, ASP, BSP, CSP, DSP, ESP, FSP,

Builder(SM/P/M) - SM, SSM, SMF, XP, CP, DP, EP, FP, GP, AM, BM, CM, DM, EM, FM, KM, FSAE

Ladies (L) - all classes
          Novice  (N)-  all classes

       As a side benefit, drivers will be able to change vehicle classes between
       events without messing up their season's points if they would like to,
       as long as they drive another vehicle in the same main category.



2) Only annual SCCA members will accumulate season points, except for novices who accumulate points without regard to membership status. If not a member, please see our staff on what discounts are available when you apply.


 3) One event will be dropped for season points.

 4) Must have competed in 1/2 of the season's event in a class to qualify for an end-of-season trophy.  (In 2012, this is 5 of our 9 points events.)


5) Attendance at a Poughkeepsie Sports Car Club (NYR Chapter) Solo Event will count as 1 pt in corresponding NYR class per event.


6) TriState Championship will count as an NYR event if hosted by another club.


7) Volunteering for an SCCA event(sanction, social, conference, Street Survival) will be worth 1 point to the competitors class of  choice. Chairing such an event will be worth 2 points.

 8) In the event of a tie, the last event will count as double points.

 9) Points awarded as follows:


1st place 9 points

2nd place 6 points

3rd place 4 points

4th place 3 points

5th place 2 points

6th on 1 point 


7) Driver of the Year will be based on a PAX10000 scale, [Driver PAX time/ PAX FTD]/ # of events attended X 10,000 and must qualify for a season award by attendance.





Initial Timing sheets and Grid sheets order will be posted prior to the Drivers Meeting. Initial Timing has the driver’s vehicle, class, and car number. Grid sheets will have the Heat, car number, and work assignment & heat). Any errors on the Timing Sheet must be brought to the attention of Timing & Scoring ASAP.


All entrants must fulfill their work assignments. Drivers not fulfilling their work requirement may be penalized up to being banned from future events.


Drivers must be at their assigned grid spot when a grid worker motions them to the staging lane. Failure to be prepared for that run may result in forfeiture of that run.


Provisional results will posted online within 48 hours of the events completion. From then, there are 72 hours for protest, complaints, and errors to be addressed before FINAL results will be issued. Results will be posted in the event thread in the NYR discussion forum on


A Solo Board will be created to meet periodically to discuss issues related to the program. Meetings will be open to the membership. Any vote conducted at the meeting will conducted with all attending SCCA members voting on such issue(s). Meetings should be scheduled every other month during Solo season.


A $15/event discount will apply to all volunteers serving as Chiefs.


Half day autoX will be offered as an option on an event by event basis with Program or Event Chairman approval. Full day price will apply. Entrant must notify the event chairman before the day of the event. PM half day will only be open to experienced autoXers. PM Registration will be open 11:30-12.









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