SOLO - Driving for the Driven!

New York Region SCCA Autocross Series

 Cost:   $40 members, $55 non-members ($5 discount for online registration & payment)

Event Schedule:

Registration: online via or at the event site 8 – 8:30AM

Tech: 8:30-9:30AM

Course: open for walking ~8 - 9:30AM

Novice Drivers Walk: 8:45, 9:15AM

Mandatory Drivers Meeting: 9:45AM

First car off: 10AM

NYR follows the 2012 SCCA Solo Rules. In addition all class compete in their own group via PAX indexes. The grouped classes are:

Stock (SS – HS)                            Road Tire (SS – HS), treadwear rating: 140 or more

Street Touring (ST*)                      Street Prepared (SSP – FSP)

Novice (all new to autoX)              Builder (SM, SMF, SSM, *P, *M, FSAE)

Ladies (all classes)                         

Do you want to drive your car hard? So do we!

Never autocrossed (autoX)?

Never autox’d? Here’s what to expect at an NYR event…

Before the event:

Car preparation - nearly any car is OK. No trucks or minivans. If it’s OK driving ever day, then it is fine for an event day. As long as it has no fluid leaks, the seat belts work, the battery is secure, and the tires are not showing any cords, you’re going to pass our tech inspection! Modified your car, check the SCCA rules or this quick sheet for your class

What to bring – Anything you think you may need for a full day. Food, beverage. Extra stuff for the weather. A large bin to store everything you take out of your car so it doesn’t blow away. Some friends. Money for registration or a print out of your online registration.

The day of the event:

The day starts early. Plan to be at the site when registration opens. Register online if possible, it saves a lot of time for you. Then it’s time to empty out everything that is not bolted down inside the car and in the trunk. Put your numbers and class on both sides of your car and head to tech. Park your again and go walk the course and take part in the Novice Walk. Be ready to go over to the Drivers Meeting for any last minute instructions and then find out.

Check the Grid sheets on the truck to see your grid spot and work assignment. Go to where supposed to be, get your car to grid, or check in with the Chief of Workers.

Ask for an instructor your first few runs to get quicker and quicker.

Secrets to a great day w/ NYR:

  1. FastLane CheckIn. Register and Pay online and go to Tech in the morning. Get a $5 discount. No waiting in line for registration.
  2. Bring lots of water and sunscreen. Unless Mother Nature provides. Then bring what you need to stand out in the rain. We drive Rain/Shine/Snow!
  3. It’s OK to be new. In fact tell us it’s your first day so we can point you in the right direction for whatever you need.
  4. It’s the weekend, you’re here to have fun, we’re here to have fun.
  5. It’s not car, it’s the DRIVER. Let us show you HOW.

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